Imen Boudali

Assistant Professor

Maître Assistante, Institut Supérieur d'Informatique (ISI)

Gaël Mahé

Maître de conférences

Maître de conférences, Université Paris Cité

Syrine Charfi

Assistante Universitaire

Assistante Universitaire, ENIT

Heger Arfaoui

Maître Assistante

Maître Assistante, ENIT

Wafa Mefteh

Maître Assistante

Maître Assistante, ENIT

Anis Hasnaoui

Assistant hospitalo-universitaire

Assistant hospitalo-universitaire FMT

Rabaa Youssef Douss

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Kairouan ISSATKr Higher School of Communication Sup’COM

Nicolas Lomenie

Associate Professor

Nicolas Loménie is a Computer Science Professor at the University of Paris Cité. He is a member of the LIPADE Computer Science Laboratory within the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He also serves as the Chair InCU.bator within the Alliance Circle U. for programs related to Innovation and Student Entrepreneurship. His research interests […]